Sunday, August 25, 2013

Compiling Sigil From Source

In an effort to use the epub editor Sigil, I download the source code and compiled and installed the program.

However, to build the software I required cmake which I did not have installed and a newer version of Qt than I was running, so I downloaded and built those from source also.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wanting to download an older version of Xmarks for Mac OSX with PPC architecture?


So here is if you are running OSX 10.5.8 and Safari 4 and Firefox 3.6
however the link for the Firefox addon archives also has earlier
versions than the one I suggest and also their is a link for an even
earlier dmg for Xmarks for Safari, than the 1.3.5 version on Softonic...

**They list it as 1.3.5 but when I downloaded it, they link to a 1.1 version dmg file.**

It is here:


I am running Xmarks on my PPC mac on both Firefox and Safari....

To get the file for Firefox 3.6 on my mac I went to This link and
scrolled down and installed version 3.9.10 since the recent 4.x version
would not function properly.

To get the Xmarks for Safari version 1.3.5 DMG for a PPC mac, the last version that seems PPC compatible I used the below link:

If these links die email me at wolfravenous using gmail and I will hang
the files out for you to download somewhere as I have them archived in
my PPC compatible stash.